During the construction of our present facility, "Katrina" happened.  We could not buy steel frames for our beams because manufacturers were ordered to prioritize the Katrina victims.  Thus, we were forced to use wooden beams.  That was just one of the many challenges we had to face at that time.  There were many more.  But in the end, God gave us a beautiful building -- not one that would have looked like a warehouse!  All things worked together for good!  Amen!

Today, as we were getting ready to build our extension, Covid-19 happened and it seemed like we would not be able to proceed in a long while.  There's good news, however!  Our building contractor informed us that the city's permit office has opened up, and they are anticipating to get things rolling by next week.  Despite the joy over that news, still there is fear because we are in the midst of uncertain times.

After our meeting last Wednesday, we decided to build by faith.  Whatever happens, we know that God is in control!  As members of BFBC, we encourage you to continue to pray, give, step-up, and take part in whatever capacity God has laid upon your heart.  Let us not take our eyes off of God and expect God to do great things in our lives and in our church.